Transparency Policy

Extremely strict requirements are imposed on the security and transparency of every aspect of online voting. A reliable system must ensure the anonymity of voters, exclude vote rigging, confirm that votes have been received, and conceal intermediate results. It is also important to be able to easily control both the voting and counting process.

Polys has taken all these requirements into consideration, which is why we use blockchain technology to achieve maximum security and transparency. You can find out more about online voting using blockchain technology in the following whitepaper.

We are also working on a solution to monitor the voting process and verify votes sent via a blockchain.

The source code of Polys will be made publicly available on GitHub by the end of 2017.

UPD: We’re still preparing the open-source Polys protocol code. It is taking longer than expected, but we’re doing our best to make the code public as soon as possible. We are currently auditing the Polys protocol code internally.